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Breast Implants Are Not A Pair Of Shoes!

2010-08-17 14:47:00

As celebrities swap out breast implants on whim, physicians at CNY Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery urge real patients to seriously consider breast size when considering breast augmentation.

In light of recent media reports about celebrities repeatedly changing out the size of their breast implants, Dr. Anthony Deboni and Dr. Gregory Baum, board-certified Syracuse plastic surgeons, ( are cautioning their patients to take the time necessary to make a decision about implant size that will remain satisfying for years to come. While in some cases breast implant revision or replacement may be necessary, Dr. Deboni and Dr. Baum advise against women frequently changing their breast size through additional elective surgeries.

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"The tabloids and blogs are always talking about celebrities who are going bigger or smaller with their implants," notes Dr. Baum. "While a woman may have her own personal reasons for changing her breast size, I think these reports give the wrong idea about breast augmentation. I tell my Syracuse plastic surgery patients that they need to choose their breast implants carefully in order to enjoy their results long-term."

Celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Victoria Beckham are just two examples of women who have been reported to have regularly changed their breast size over the years. With the media reporting about this so often, some women may get the impression that frequently changing their breast size is normal, when in fact it is not.

"It is not the norm for women to be constantly switching out their breast implants," states Dr. Deboni. "While it is certainly true that some women will choose to replace their breast implants after their initial surgery, these 'redo' procedures are not very common. Dissatisfaction with size may be one reason, but there are also many other reasons for breast implant revision surgery, including a ruptured implant or capsular contracture."

When meeting with a plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation, it is important that the patient is fully educated and has researched all of her options. During a consultation, discussing the size, type, shape, texture, incision location, and whether the implant will be placed over or under the muscle can help women enjoy the appearance of their breasts for years to come.

"When I have a consultation with my patients considering breast implants in Syracuse, I make sure that we are both on the same page in order to get it right the first time," adds Dr. Deboni.

Having an in-depth understanding of any procedure, including breast augmentation, is essential for patients because all surgery carries some risk and requires some tradeoffs. Repeatedly revising the results of a surgery is never advisable, and the celebrities who do so are outliers, not typical patients.

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